A property for romantics in Sóller

Mallorca is not just a popular travel destination for extensive partying, you can also live very comfortable in you newly purchased house in Sóller. This is because Sóller simply has more to offer than just a colourful party of a luxurious villa – this is a place for romantics.

A small pavilion in Sóller

Pavilion in the garden, Sóller, Mallorca


Here it’s almost like you live in a wonderful, kitschy film. You just have close your eyes, quietly listen to your heartbeat, and then you’ll notice this happiness all by yourself: A soft breeze of fresh grass is in the air and just waiting to weave its way into your nose.


You’re wondering where exactly in Sóller you’ll be able to have this special olfactory experience? Then you should drop by the Jardín Botanico. Here the point is not just to marvel at nature in its inimitable individuality, but also to become aware of its fragile beauty.


The founders of the botanic garden made it their goal to sustainably protect nature and its natural diversity. You’ll notice this especially because there are even plants here that usually can only be found on other Mediterranean islands. If you don’t merely want to gaze at the typical, everyday fruit trees, the many medicinal plants warrant a closer inspections.


The employees of the Jardín Botanico do everyhting to make visitors feel at home in Mallorca’s flora and enable them to learn about the plant diversity almost incidentally. Guided tour are offered for very diverse groups of visitors: Be it young, old, tourist or local, every person is taken into consideration. Especially teachers know and appreciate this service: Tours are frequently held for school classes of every age.


But of course you don’t have to take a tour: Especially for the more independent spirits there are some proposed paths beyond the main route of the botanic garden, well-matched to the season in which you’re visiting the garden. So you might find it really rewarding to strike out on your own and explore the different paths without a tour guide.


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