Your property in San José in Ibiza

Here you can find out exclusive real estate portfolio for San José and environs.


You’ve chosen a very impressive region of Ibiza: You’ll find many houses and villas here, just according to your tastes!


You’re also conveniently situated for your friends and acquaintances to visit you, with Ibiza’s airport just 5 miles away. Start a new chapter in your life on the property of your dreams with a big celebration! Invite your friends for a nice visit to your new house. At a small cocktail reception you can welcome your guests and proudly present to them your one-of-a-kind property.

Terrace of a villa in San José with shade sail, surrounded by palm trees

Villa with sun terrace, San José, Ibiza

You’re sure to earn many admiring looks – a villa of your own in San José: You’ve really won the lottery with this purchase! Now you can relax with your friends and talk about your plans and dreams, all the while enjoying Ibiza’s sun and being in the best of moods.


When it comes to business matters, you’re well-connected with the airport close by, so that, no matter where you need to go, you’ll always be at the right place at the right time. That’s truly a life of luxury: You’ve found your dream house and don’t have to forgo any comforts.


San José is also centrally situated in general: By area, this municipality is one of the biggest on Ibiza. Other towns and villages in the area are San Francisco de S’Estany, San Augustin des Vedrà, Es Cubells and Sant Jordi de ses Salines.


There’s one thing you’ll notice immediately: San José is many-faceted and very rich in variety. You’ll always have lots to do in your free time, because there’s something new to experience every time. In time, you’ll get used to your new surroundings and quickly consider yourself a “josepi” or “josephina” – that’s how the locals call themselves.


You can find out more on our unique real estate portfolio in San José and environs here.