Your Property in San Juan

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Your new house is located on Ibiza Island in San Juan. While searching for a villa or a finca, you’ve chosen a property in San Juan!


Just about 6 months ago, you’ve decided to purchase a modern house on Ibiza Island. The thought wasn’t quite spontaneous: You’ve long considered to emigrate with your family. Ibiza has been your favorite Island from the beginning. At first, you’ve visited the capital Ibiza, afterwards you’ve taken a few day trips to Santa Eulalia and also San Antoni.


You’ve liked all of the aspects of the island, felt comfortable on every beach, looked closely at the country and the people, studied plenty of the langage and the rites. You’ve taken several trips to the cultural specialties of the island. Soon enough you and your family realized: You don’t want to just own a finca just anywhere on Ibiza Island – it will have to be a villa in San Juan!


View of a Villa at San Juan with a cozy outdoor terrace including a pool and sunbeds

Villa with feel-good factor, San Juan, Ibiza


The location left a lasting feeling of belongingness and security within you: Here’s where you find the peace, that you need. Even though there are many tourists on Ibiza, in San Juan there’s more of a peculiar silence, that’s not only result of the stylish fincas, the warm sun or the great mood of its residents: Here you will find hardly any tourist crowds, the scurry noisily and restlessly through the narrow streets and ask loudly for directions.


Your family really likes the quiet surroundings of San Juan as well. Now you just need to pick a property!


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