Your property in Son Vida and environs

It doesn’t matter where your new house or your new villa on Mallorca is: you’re always mobile. Whether it’s your own carro (car), the tram, or a comfortable taxi, there is nothing keeping you from following your zest for adventure. Son Vida is a very central town on Mallorca and especially convenient when it comes to transportation connections. You can easily and quickly reach every county. Train stations and bus station are conveniently located at the Plaça Espanya. Here you can take your time to plan your next trip – you really don’t need to rush yourself, because the train runs from Palma to the destination of your choice three times per hour on all weekdays.

Along the Platja de Palma you’ll find the (in)famous nightlife district. Here, every day is celebrated like a big, never-ending festival – but it’s worth taking a closer look at the area around Mallorca, because Palma’s surrounding region has more to offer than just endless parties.

Close to Son Vida you’ll find premium luxury yachts in the port of Palma. There are first-class international schools for your children where they’ll be taught essential basic knowledge.

Photo at night of Son Vida's coast in Mallorca

Son Vida coast (Majorca)

You’re wondering what the road blocks around Palma de Mallorca on March 22 are all about? In the middle of March, thousands of runners from all over the world prove their mettle at the half marathon Ciutat in Palma. The ocean view is calming and motivating at the same time, attracting many spectators equipped with sunscreen and ice cream who want to be a part of this event.

The athletes always really enjoy vocal support by spectators, so don’t hold back and cheer on the runners. Be there when the winner proudly receives his trophy at the cathedral Camí de s’Escollera.

If you’d rather train a little more and don’t quite feel up for a half marathon, you don’t have to wait a whole year for your next shot at one: the popular TUI half marathon takes place in October. The beaches are ideal for running, and if you need a break, simply breathe in the amazingly fresh air and get back at it!

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