Your property in Wavre

You didn’t merely buy a house in Wavre – you’ve found the perfect villa. You don’t just own a single piece of real estate, but perhaps even multiple properties with extravagant, well-tended gardens. Your real estate agent has done a great job: everything suits your taste perfectly.

An extravagant home in Wavre with a garden.

A big villa in Wavre in Belgium.


But Wavre has more to offer than just your gorgeous house. After all, you don’t just want to live comfortably, you also want to experience life at its fullest. If you’d like a special tip for a relaxing afternoon with the whole family, you can surprise your children with a visit to Walibi Park. The amusement park is the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Here, your children will have broad grins on their faces all day long.


Even you can’t resist to crack a smile in this park, because there are rides for grown-ups as well: Be it a daring ride on the 45-metre-tall Ferris wheel “La Grande Roue” or a round on the “Flash Back”.


Don’t hesitate to take along the more senior members of your family: Here, everybody is connected not only by their thirst for adventure, but by their excitement for the next colourful attraction.


After the many adventurous thrills you’ll probably hear your stomach growling – after all, you’ve been on your feet for most of the day. It’s not an easy choice around here: Even the restaurants are their own little attractions. Extravagant restaurant names like “Cook House Club” or “Waffles Club” make studying the menu an exciting event.


This is a place where the whole family can laugh without holding back as well as scream with fear. You won’t soon get another chance to have such an existential experience. A day like this is only possible in Wavre.


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