A property for the whole family in Son Vida

Finally you and you family have moved into your new house, a splendid villa! Everything is perfect: There’s enough sun, beach, and sea for everyone. But on Mallorca, in Son Vida, you and your family can experience much more than the usual tourist attractions. You want a unique experience, true leisure for the whole family.

View from a terrace in Son Vida

Villa terrace at sunset, Son Vida, Mallorca


And you know best how to put a smile on your wife’s and your children’s faces: Your children love to be out and about, always looking for a new, fascinating adventure. The beaches of Mallorca are perfectly suited for this wish, but your wife may want to do more than read the next best-seller on the beach or work on her tan, lying on her Burberry beach towel.


And what about you? Of course you’re happy if they’re happy, but at the same time you want to show your loved ones more than just culture and beaches. That’s where the annual BSB fair in Palma comes in, right on cue: BSB stands for “Bellaza Salud y Bienestar”.


This fair is made for fun-loving locals as well as vivacious tourists. Here, professionals show and explain you how you can keep and foster your inner sense of well-being and your outward balance.


But it’s not just advice that takes centre stage here, of course the exhibitors also want to sell something: Quality products and services, for example the bodykey program. However, in all this excitement you and your wife should always keep in mind to not just follow the newest trend, but rather focus on the things you really need for your well-being.


Even your children will enjoy their visit, in fact they’re more than welcome: A program named Actividades Infantiles is perfectly suited and gladly offered for younger visitors. The children are encouraged to dance, to sing, or even playfully learn their first Spanish words.


Maybe next year you will be one of the many enthusiastic visitors here and profit from useful advice to really tap into your inner potential. You can start to look forward right now!


You can find more on our real estate portfolio in Son Vida and environs here.

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