Pushing the Envelope in a Balloon



If you’ve been having a hard time getting a seat aboard Virgin Galactic’s space plane, or just want to double up on luxury experiences, you can float around near-space in a giant balloon. Created by the team at Zero2Infinity, Bloon takes you up around 36km above the earth (which is around 22 miles high) and gives a view of approximately 1,400km in diameter—meaning that you’ll be able to see Paris and Rome at the same time.

Promising a ride that is clean and safe, Bloon uses inert helium gas for lift and doesn’t employ any dangerous substances—like combustible fuels. Eight vented airbags and a guided parafoil with conical backup are used for descent and landing. Since there aren’t any engines, the design is also really quiet and slow moving (i.e., no crazy accelerations to cause motion sickness).  Thanks to the lack of noise pollution and the launch structure being portable, you can actually take off from anywhere you want.



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