Re-decorate your bedroom!

Four style tips to sleep in beauty 


To give your home a new lease of life, it isn’t always necessary to embark on a grand redesign project. Simply redecorating one room can be enough to help you reevaluate your home, particularly if that room is one in which you spend a large percentage of your time. Your bedroom is often the space that most closely reflects your personality and preferred aesthetic, making it a logical place to begin any redecoration project. If you’re looking for inspiration, read on for our top four E&V tips.


Choose colours carefully

As artists have known for centuries, colour is closely linked to mood. This makes deciding on a palette a crucial first step, but remember to fully consider the multiple functions your room fulfils. Red is energising, passionate and can work brilliantly with a modern aesthetic, but may not help you sleep. Research has found that pastel shades of blue, green or yellow are more conducive to rest, so if you’re drawn to stimulating jewel tones like purple, focus on incorporating them as accent colours instead.

Angle the furniture

Although your instinct may be to align your furniture with the walls, rearranging your bedroom and setting some pieces at an angle can dramatically change your perception of the space. Not only does it break up rigid arrangements, it can also make your room appear more spacious and open up corners for additions like plants, standing lamps or even artworks. The best way to establish what works is simply through trial and error; experiment with as many layouts as you like until you settle on something you’re happy with.

Express your interests

Nothing ruins interior design like clutter, but this doesn’t mean that you should purge your room of excessive possessions. Instead, focus on finding aesthetically pleasing storage solutions that allow you to present your prized belongings in an orderly and attractive fashion. Whether you’re most proud of your sporting trophies, your library or your jewellery collection, you should be able to find a layout that puts your possessions on show. You may wish to intersperse these objects with vases of flowers or lamps, to add some light and variety to the space.

Add some art

There are many ways to incorporate art into your bedroom. Traditionalists may favour framed paintings, while fans of a minimalist aesthetic often opt for edgy blank walls and modernist sculptures. The only overriding principle is to ensure that you choose investment pieces, which you truly love and feel represent your personality. This could be anything from a reproduction of an iconic work to a black-and-white photograph or even a vintage theatre poster. Try to complement your colour scheme; if you’re a true artistic connoisseur, you may wish to select artworks before wallpaper or paint.
Mirrors are an essential practical addition and can also be used to make your room appear bigger and lighter. Look for a design that matches the rest of your room, but be cautious with your placement – feng shui suggests that mirrors at the foot of the bed can reflect bad energy.
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