Why a real estate agent is essential



If you’re planning on buying or selling a property, the first decision you’ll need to make is whether you want to operate via a real estate agent or go it alone. Although real estate agents cost money, their services are worth every penny – especially when you consider these key factors.

The property market is difficult to navigate
Purchasing a property is fraught with legalities, negotiations and lots of searching. A good real estate agent will have been specifically trained to understand this process, helping you get through everything with minimal fuss. Their finely tuned negotiation skills could save you money on the price of a property, while their knowledge of legalese can ensure that you don’t end up signing a contract with clauses you don’t fully understand.

Problems can be caught early
As tempting as show homes can be, if you’re buying a new property it’s important to remember the difference between a standard model and the no-expense-spared version you’ll be shown. Real estate agents are able to immediately estimate the true cost of your ideal home and can point you towards a property that is better suited to your budget, along with offering advice on how much money you should keep aside for future improvements.

housing1_460x276They have contacts
Good real estate agents should be prepared to go the extra mile in order to find out whether a property is really right for their clients – and have the contacts to tell them anything they need to know. Whether it’s establishing what the future plans are for that picturesque empty field behind your dream home, or learning about exciting new opportunities in the pipeline, your estate agent should have a wealth of background information to help you make an informed decision.

They save you time
Buying and selling properties can be very time consuming if you try to do it alone. Not only do you need to spend hours scouring the web and local newssheets for properties that fit your specs, you also need to dedicate time to negotiation and information gathering. Hiring a real estate agent means that someone else does the legwork, and thanks to their experience, they’ll also do it more efficiently than you could.

Expert advice is priceless
Over the years the internet has forced the decline of several ‘middlemen’ industries, including travel and dating agents. However, when it comes to certain industries it doesn’t matter how well designed a website is: there’s simply no replacing the personal, expert advice that comes from using a consultant. That’s why real estate agents are still going strong, and why recruitment consultants are still thriving despite the emergence of websites like LinkedIn.

The next time you’re considering buying or selling a property, get in touch with the real estate experts at Engel & Völkers. Our agents are all expertly trained at our E&V Academy, which was established almost twenty years ago to ensure that every single member of our staff operates at the same extremely high standard, giving you the best available insight into the real estate market in your chosen location. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new house, a second home, or a buy-to-let property, Engel & Völkers can help you from start to finish.