The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Social Media Part 1: Facebook

The Real Estate Agent's Guide to Social Media Part 1: FacebookSocial media is an excellent tool for real estate agents, offering an effective way to reach interested clients, build a reputation and promote your services. However, communicating online requires different skills to personal conversation, which unfortunately deters many estate agents from reaching their full potential online.

In this two part series, we’re sharing our top social media tips for real estate agents. Given that Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with over 1.23 billion active members, it seems only appropriate to make part one all about using this platform to your professional advantage.



Don’t make it too personal

The first and most crucial step is to set up a designated Facebook business page. Not only will this protect your privacy, it will also give you access to invaluable reporting tools, which show you who your audience is and how successful you are at reaching them. When you set up a business page you can also pay to advertise it using Facebook’s targeted advertising system, enabling you to reach a wide readership beyond your own circle of friends, acquaintances and leads. If you also have a personal page, consider only using your first names to avoid confusing potential buyers trying to reach you.

Have a good balance of content

Maintaining some variety in your posts will keep your audience happy, as well as making your page more interesting. You can and should post links to exceptional properties that you’re trying to sell, but this should be carefully balanced with engaging content that relates to your field.

Present your expertise

This is your chance to show off your passion and knowledge while also selling your area to potential buyers. You can do this by posting links to upcoming events and festivals, sharing local stories and chatting about any exciting developments in the area, from new transport links to major business openings. Don’t be afraid to be a spokesperson for your town, promoting events and giving your own opinion on news stories, as and when they happen.

Pictures paint a thousand words

Posts that include photographs attract the most engagement on Facebook, so whenever you post an update, include a relevant picture. Check the copyright of the images you use – in many cases, it may be worth making use of professional photographs taken by your own franchise. Alternatively, you may wish to hone your own photography skills and set out to capture your neighbourhood yourself.

Remember to engage

Take the time to craft a response to people who post questions and comments. Pretend that you’re speaking to them in person and respond the same way you would if you were having a face to face conversation in your office. Think about your professional persona and ensure that your writing accurately reflects it, with no spelling errors or typos. Run competitions and quizzes and ask questions, noting which posts resonate with your audience and focusing your efforts in this direction.

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