The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Social Media, Part 2: Twitter

The Real Estate Agent's Guide to Social Media: TwitterAfter discussing how you can use Facebook to promote your real estate services, today we’re moving on to another hugely important tool: Twitter. Although the two are frequently grouped together, they require very different approaches, so it’s important to keep the two separate and ensure you have a good understanding of both. Of course, Twitter’s most defining feature is its focus on brevity: tweets must be 140 characters or less.

This may seem daunting, and it’s true that it can take a little while to get used to condensing your thoughts into tweet-sized sentences. However, 140 characters is still enough to make an impression on potential buyers, get your name out there and get people interested in your services, so it’s well worth following our E&V tips on perfecting your social media strategy.

Find a balance

If clients want to see a constant stream of your properties, they can easily subscribe to your website’s RSS feed. Think of Twitter as an extended conversation with a network of potential buyers – in addition to promoting the houses currently on the market, you should also engage with clients on a personal level, give them a good impression of the areas you work in and offer your professional tips on everything from packing to decorating.

Focus your content

Think about the kind of people who will be following you on Twitter and what they’ll hope to gain from it. The most likely reason for someone to follow you will be if they’re considering moving to your neighbourhood, or more specifically, considering approaching you for assistance in their search. Always keep this audience in mind and tailor your content to grab and hold their attention. Retweet local news stories, share your insights into real estate market developments and post photos that show off the very best of your neighbourhood.

Engage with your audience

Talking to your local Twitter community will get your face and name known, which is why it’s such a great tool for self promotion. Join conversations about local news stories and reply to interesting tweets. Avoid any potentially controversial subjects, including politics, and always keep your input positive and constructive. Remember that your Twitter is a professional tool and never use it to complain about anything that could give a bad impression of your neighbourhood, such as the traffic or the quality of the local cafes.


Your tweets will go considerably further if you make the most of two crucial symbols: # and @.Using a hashtag turns a word or phrase into a clickable link, which helps people to find tweets about subjects that they’re interested in. If you’re posting a listing, using #listing will help it show up on the newsfeeds of househunters, while hashtagging your neighbourhood allows potential clients who are interested in your area to find your tweets. Use the @ mentioning tool to communicate directly with clients and congratulate new homeowners.

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