Real estate in Camp de Mar – living the life!

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It’s 9 a.m. on Mallorca right now. The Fjodorow family is having breakfast on the sun terrace of their villa. The house is surrounded by a few palm trees, and already the morning sun is peeking through them. Liliya and Alexander said “I do” here on Mallorca: Instead of the usual custom of buying his bride a wedding ring, Alexander bought Liliya a sensational house and property close to Andratx, in the wonderful Camp de Mar.

Villa in Camp de Mar featuring a romantic terrace with indirect lighting and a lawn for sunbathing and relaxing

Terrace to relax on, Camp de Mar, Mallorca

Liliya and Alexander are a good example from everyday life that it is perfectly possible to combine relaxation and adventure here in Camp de Mar. Here, you can expect only the best for every single day. You could, for example, do some sight-seeing whenever you feel like it. Or you can just plan your day so that you and your wife are both happy.


You think that’s impossible? Planning a day so that everyone is satisfied?


Alexander will give you a first impression of just how such a very special day can look like on Mallorca: “My wife and I have been living in Camp de Mar for a few months now. We’re newly wed and everything is perfect. I had the great idea to buy this property – and then, just this morning, my wife surprised me with a quad ride! I didn’t even know that you could do something like that in Camp de Mar.


But it’s really something different – a new, unique experience. I’m satisfied, my wife is satisfied. This evening, as a perfect finish to this great day, I’ll drive to that little wine shop in Andratx and surprise my wife with a great glass of vino. She’ll be overjoyed, I can tell you.”


But perhaps we should also hear a little from Liliya: “This day brought us closer together. We realized that a wonderful house is all well and fine, but sometimes you just need to get out and live a little. As beautiful and relaxing as life in our villa is, you have to change it up every once in a while. This day really deserves a great finale – so now my husband and I will sit on our sun terrace, sip a glass of good wine, and simply enjoy our happiness together.”


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