Real Estate News: It must be love!

Real Estate News: It must be love! Germans move house on average between four and five times throughout their lives, and it seems that love is a key factor in their decision to relocate. The revelation follows a recent study by a German real estate portal, which found that 49% of participants moved house for romantic reasons, with many moving to be closer to their partner.

There were a range of other considerations that also influenced the decision to move home; 26% of those surveyed moved to pursue a new career or job transfer and 19% required a more spacious home. However, almost half of over 1,000 employed men and women said that love had dictated the change.In the responses to the survey there were also some interesting gender differences. A higher proportion of women (55%) had chosen to move away from their families in order to be with a partner. In contrast, only 43% of males were motivated to make a move because of a romantic relationship. 

The majority of those questioned had moved out of the region they were born in, with only 36% still living within a 200km radius of their home town. Just under two thirds of the participants had moved a significant distance from their home regions, suggesting that national and international exploration may also be a factor in the minds of German property buyers.

International Love affairs

With the growing popularity of online dating sites and faster forms of travel, it’s also possible that more and more men and women are fostering relationships with people in other cities and even across continents, spurring this rise in international property investmentIn fact, an increasing number of people are realising that purchasing internationally can be one of the most effective ways to embark on a profitable property investment. With the high spending power of the Euro and the real estate market booming in many regions, destinations such as Spain, California and Dubai have become attractive for more than just their golden sands and balmy climates. For example, a recent survey of the Spanish property market showed that sales activity had increased by 16% over the past year, whereas the average price per square metre had decreased by 5.7% – ideal conditions for anyone looking to purchase a property in the region.

In the case of established relationships, starting a family can propel couples to look for a larger property, potentially in a quieter, more rural area with good schools. Similarly, job promotions and profitable investments can encourage individuals to seek a more spacious or exclusive property, or to opt to invest in a holiday home in a more exotic location. 

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