Real estate and more – Porto Cristo

Your new house lies in Porto Cristo, a cozy community in Manacor. Getting to your new villa went without any problems and you’re glad that you’ve finally arrived.

Porto Cristo has a lot to offer: the former fishing port shines with opulent yachts and provides great relaxation. Here, history, culture, and nature combine and complement each other perfectly. The limestone caves offer awe-inspiring insights into nature’s creations.


Luxurious Villa and Nature in Porto Cristo

View from a villa in Porto Cristo


It doesn’t really sound all that difficult, if you think about it: You buy a luxurious villa, lovingly decorate your new home, and then start to explore the surroundings. If the new language causes you some slight problems during shopping, simply take out your mobile phone and look up a word in the dictionary. If you’ve gotten lost and aren’t quite bold enough to ask for directions in Spanish, just use Google Maps.


However, the dream of owning a house on Mallorca is not always as easy as that – there’s more to life on this beautiful island than knowing how to skilfully get out of a jam with the help of the internet.


You’d still rather rely on technology? Then imagine this situation: It’s Sunday morning, you want to make some freshly pressed orange juice – but slip with the sharp knife and cut deep into your finger.


At first you don’t notice anything, then you start to feel the injury. After some time, the wound is still bleeding. What now? You can’t use your mobile quite as well with only one hand – now you have to do the right thing, quickly and intuitively. You need to get to a pharmacy as fast as you can, meaning by taxi. But aren’t pharmacies closed on Sunday? And what was the number of the taxi service again?


Here’s a small hint: In Spain, pharmacies are open for business on Sundays. Usually, they’re open around the clock and open to everyone.


This example shows you that you shouldn’t be too casual about your move into a new life, because sometimes the most banal details are enough to shake up a seemingly safe situation. So please: Always be careful.


You can find more information on our properties on offer in Porto Cristo and environs here.