Relaxation and real estate included in Inca

Whether luxurious villa or tranquil house, Mallorca has more to offer you than just living in style. Naturally, you also want to discover the surroundings of Inca, and for that you, of course, need suitable footwear and a good dose of cheer.


Have you ever heard the name Camper? Yes, exactly, the colourful and comfortable leather shoe brand. It’s in Inca that these high-quality leather shoes are produced in factories. If you’re a die-hard shoe fanatic, this is the place to be. Be it country-style casual shoes, elegant ankle boots, or extravagant high boots, here you’ll find everything and anything that you and your feet could desire.


By the way: Camper also produces handy purses with a timeless design that makes them a fitting accessory no matter the occasion. If flaunting your shoes or purse just isn’t enough for you, the Camper wallet is the perfect status symbol. Its biggest selling point is the special manufacturing process: The wallets are made from paper fibre, which, of course, has its price.


View from a villa with a roofed terrace in Inca

Terrace of a villa in Inca


However, the most beautiful things in life are free: Just sit down on a bench after a strenuous shopping spree with a good friend, and enjoy the warm sun on your face.


And if, after this little siesta, your stomach starts to complain, it’s time to head for one of the cute little street cafés. With such a big selection of lovingly prepared coffee varieties, choosing is not always an easy task – and the same goes for the other beverages: Try the cafe con hielo.  The translation for this tasty Spanish speciality is “coffee with ice”.  You’ll be served an espresso and a glass with ice cubes. You’ll then need pour the espresso into the ice cube glass and carefully stir the mixture. This tip is a good alternative to the usual cafe con leche (white coffee).


Your stomach is complaining again? That’s a good excuse to order a delicious paella valenciana and taste this famous Spanish speciality dish.


After this well-earned break you can continue your stroll through the picturesque town of Inca. Here you’ll also find the church of Santa Maria la Major, which you should definitely have a look at.


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