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625633729D71BF49EC248E758E0B8CE5-VIEW_IMG-SLIDESHOW AE420BA8FFEF51A27E4AFA977BD66767-VIEW_IMG-SLIDESHOWNorth, Mġarr, Three Bedroom Converted House of Character - W-020U24

Property Description: A renovated 3 bedroom House of Character within the limits of Mgarr. A very spacious property, including living areas and countryside views. It’s an ideal location for a peaceful home and secluded home!

Location Description: Mġarr (or L-Imġarr), formerly known as Mgiarro, is a small town northwest of the mainland of Malta. Mgarr is a typical rural village situated in an isolated region, southwest of Mosta. It is surrounded with rich farmland and vineyards. Many of its inhabitants are farmers or are engaged in some sort of agricultural activity. Mġarr has two important prehistoric sites: Ta’ Ħagrat, which is still in a good state of preservation, stands in a field near the village centre; Ta’ Skorba, excavated in 1963, lies just outside the village. Mġarr is a favourite stopping place for people strolling in its countryside and for those travelling in cars to the nearby beaches.Luke Falzon

Asking Price: 4,000 EUR Monthly 

Contact: Luke Falzon +356 79759031