Romance & Real Estate

Romance and Real EstateWhen it comes to dating, there are lots of factors that can affect your compatibility with another person: a shared sense of humour, similar hobbies or interests, compatible belief systems and according to new research, where – and how – you live.

According to a new survey, housing situations now rank increasingly highly on a list of important considerations for the success of a relationship, with many respondents expressing strong views on their preferences. For example, six out of ten single people would rather date someone who lives alone, while a third stated that homeowners are considered more attractive partners than renters. The results also showed an interesting gender divide when it came to location, with men stating a preference for dating women who live in the city, while women are more interested in men who live in suburbia; although it’s not clear whether this is down to assumptions regarding corresponding characteristics or just convenience.

It’s important to note that none of these points were considered “deal breakers,” and are therefore unlikely to be used as justification to end a burgeoning relationship. However, if you’re one of the millions of adults currently living with their parents, then it really might be time to move. Only 5% of those surveyed would consider dating someone who still lives at home, with seemingly no consideration given to potentially extenuating circumstances.

The high value of properties in desirable locations like London and New York is also impacting on relationships: costly rental prices mean that couples who have recently started dating are more likely to move in together quickly simply to save money, rather than for the more traditional reason of wanting to consolidate the relationship. Around 75% of unmarried renters would consider moving in with their partner for financial reasons – a particularly interesting result given that the concept of living with your parents for the same reason garnered a very different response.

Not only do high rental prices speed relationships up, they can also keep unhappy couples together. In expensive, desirable areas, finding the perfect house or apartment can be almost as unlikely as meeting Mr or Mrs Right – and it seems that people are increasingly willing to compromise on the latter in order to retain the former. Even before you’re in a relationship, your home address can play a crucial role in your love life, with studies showing that your location can even have an impact on your success rate on dating websites.

Crucially, some areas also make it more challenging for singles to find love based solely on demographics. The gender balance can be significantly weighted in favour of men or women, depending on which country, region or even neighbourhood you’re in, thereby either increasing or decreasing your statistical chances of finding the right person for you – and there’s no shortage of lists letting men and women know exactly where they should go to be outnumbered by the opposite sex.

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