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Nelspruit is named after the three brothers of the Nel family, who grazed their cattle around the valley towards the end of the 19th century. The spectacular landscape with its meandering rivers, waterfalls, mountains, lush foliage and fertile soil made it the ideal place for farming – and to settle. Little wonder that today it is the trading centre for the major fruit growing area of Mpumalanga.


When exploring the terrain all around this picturesque valley, the Nel brothers came across an exceptional piece of land, set high up in the hills overlooking the valley. Although only 4 km from what is today the City centre, this elevated area offered the most comfortable year-round sub-tropical micro climate, approximately 4-5° cooler than Nelspruit City centre in summer, with soothing breezes as well as spectacular uninterrupted views across their valley.


Thus it was here in this peaceful, temperate sanctuary and place of repose, where they chose to establish a family homestead. They called it “The Rest”.

Today, their descendants still own homes on the estate, maintaining a direct lineage with Nelspruit’s founding family.


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