Sale: Yacht of the Week

BBAB867740BCB48774729BDFC6B575A9-VIEW-SLIDESHOW 232388DB10A01CDF30EAF6877544433D-VIEW-SLIDESHOWMY 350 Scandinavia - Y-01V290

Yachting Description: The sea-keeping properties of this boat are well known – difficult waters and long distances are no longer a problem. The helm position is equipped with a fantastic comfortable seat and an adjustable steering wheel – you will also find a large double co-pilot seat. The excellent dashboard ergonomics and clear instrumentation provide you with a very comfortable driving position. It clearly meets the needs of fast touring for a family or four or five, with the added advantages of a high top speed, range and solid sailing performance. The hardtop can give you either an open boat feeling or a close warm boat in any weather.

Asking Price: 232, 136 Eur


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