San Giovanni the patron saint of Florence.






On June the 24th Florence celebrates San Giovanni Battista.

Giovanni Battisti is revered by all Christian churches and is considered holy by all those who admit the cult of the saints, and is one of the most important personalities of the Gospels.
The choice of San Giovanni as the patron saint of the city of Florence was primarily due to the clarity and brevity of his teachings, but also to his courageous and combative personality.

It is also thanks to these festivities that the Battistero of San Giovanni and Piazza del Duomo became the center for religious and political life in the city of Florence

In the evening there will be fireworks, offered to the city by the Society of San Giovanni, and will be fired from the piazzale, but the best place to observe them is the Ponte Santa Trinità (Which is crowded already in the late afternoon) where a magnificent setting presents the Ponte Vecchio in the foreground which is illuminated by fireworks that show a spectacular play of lights and shapes.

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