San José – This is where your Dream House stands!

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There are plenty of properties in San José on Ibiza. Yet, there’s only one villa or finca, where you’ll feel at home. Start your search!


Views of the sea from the terrace of a property in San José with beautiful flowers

Property with fantastic views, San José, Ibiza


Ibiza, Ibiza, Ibiza! This is exactly how you’re being greeted by reverberant shouts by your friends in San José! You’ve only been here for a couple of hours and already feel the suiting vacation atmosphere here. You really like your villa in San José and your new acquaintances on Ibiza are exteremly happy for you.


The locals here are usually very friendly with those, who moved here from foreign countries. Even if you don’t speak the language perfectly yet – you can communicate: with your hands, feet and sometimes a simple smile. This is an attitude you can appreciate, besides the sea, the warm weather and the interesting spare activities.


Even though San José has not yet been discovered by masses of tourists, there’s plenty of stuff to do: The limestone cave Cueva Santa is always worth visiting as well as the humble village of San Augustin…


In San José, there are no language barriers, because every obstacle can be seen as a challenge if you want it that way. This includes the courage to begin a brand new life in Ibiza. This also includes the long and exciting quest to choose a villa in Ibiza. This includes the determination to deal with the language and culture in Ibiza and much more. You se, it’s not that easy to buy a house in Ibiza.


Looking at properties or dreaming of a finca, anyone can do that. But actually drafting a plan and to start executing it – that’s not something just anyone is capable of. Show some stamina and make your dream of a house in Ibiza a reality.


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