San Juan – The ultimate location for your Villa

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A house on Ibiza Island – that’s something you’ve wanted forever. You’ve finally chosen a Property amongst the many that you’ve viewed.


There’s an overwhelming variety of hotels in San Juan. In addition, you may look forward to residing in Ibiza not solely as a temporary guest, but also shine as a future owner of a glamourous mansion. A luxury in its purest form!


Terrace of a villa in San Juan with a unique view surrounded by pink flowers

A dream villa surrounded by one of a kind nature at San Juan, Ibiza


You have chosen exactly the property that has found its home in a fabulous location: There are several conservation areas here in San Juan on Ibiza Island. The pristine areas were spared by the destructive entrepreneural urge for cultivation. Here is where you will find pure nature.


These pieces of nature you once prove just how important it is to refocus on the originality of Mother Earth itself. Every tree and every animal here has its fixed place, all the peculiarities of nature follow a specific order. In this tiny segment you will find an all-encompassing natural hierarchy that you would certainly be missing in an unprotected piece of the forest.


It’s far from the crowds of people, where nature finds its way back to its very roots. Nothing here reminds one of the person, who carelessly intrudes into the natural order of our environment to design it to be more beautiful than it already is. Here, no one just leaves their trash in the bushes, and nobody feeds the leftovers of an orange-flavored ice-cream to little birds.


The natural reserve shines in silent and modest aesthetic that reminds you of how relaxing life can be, even without the digital world.


Feel free to return back to your villa, filled with full attention and trained modesty, accompanied by these enriching impressions. Because here, in Ibiza, there is much more going on than just visits to nature reserves!


In San Juan is where life is calling for you: You will celebrate and spend many relaxed evenings at your house. Nevertheless, it is worth knowing that, aside from all the modern options to enhance your lifestyle, there’s always a possibility to achieve inner wealth without these artificial additions.


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