Santa Maria del Camí Mallorca, a sentimental option

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If there is a village on Majorca that has known to benefit from the passage of time, this has been, undoubtedly, Santa Maria. Historically it was considered a side-road place for those who were passing through Palma (in fact, during the Muslim domination the name of the area was Maüia, which literally means “stop on the way “). But today Santa Maria is above all a place of destination.

Santa Maria Mallorca

Santa Maria Mallorca

This small village, surrounded by fields of almond-trees and vineyards, has become, due to the proximity to the capital, a preferred residential area for locals as well as for foreigners who have chosen Majorca as a place to live. Its rural character and its unique location have made Santa Maria a special place where antiquity meets modernity without compromising each other.

Perhaps the best example of the unique symbiosis between tradition and modernity is the picturesque Plaça dels Hostals where the road of Palma to Inca crosses Santa Maria. Here there is a colourful succession of atmospheric restaurants, busy cafes, bank offices, fashionable boutiques and charming arts and crafts shops, making this area a lively centre of activity that in no way could be deemed inferior to any bigger residential area.

The most profound manifestation of Santa Maria’s strong and vibrant character, formed over the centuries over the rich fields and green roads, is probably the Sunday market that takes place every week on the square of Plaça Nova. People from over the island arrive early in the morning to shop around for arts and crafts, local produce, flowers and clothes and much more from the colourful stands all over the market or simply to enjoy the bustling atmosphere all around.

But just as its people and their particular way of living have given Santa Maria its unique character – something that becomes clear on entering any house in the village, so is its ancient history. The rich legacy of the past is manifested throughout its buildings and monuments – like Casa de la Vila – the Town Hall built in the mid 17th century or the parochial church dated back to the 18th century with its beautiful bell tower which dazzles in the distance with its rich blue tones.

Nature has also bestowed a valuable gift to the inhabitants of Santa Maria and its surroundings. Even though located on relatively level area, the region has a variety of spectacular enclaves where you can enjoy invigorating walks passing through some of the most beautiful manors and estates. Probably the most spectacular of these enclaves is the cave of Son Pou, whose vault rises closely to 50 meters, making it one of the most valuable natural treasures on Majorca. No less deserving is the walk to Puig de Son Seguí and the chapel of S’Estremera which crowns its top.

It would also be unfair not to mention among the gifts of nature one the most significant products of the land. Winemaking is one of the most established activities in Santa Maria due to the existence of prestigious wineries like Macià Batle,  Celler Sebastià Pastor,  Celler Ramanyà  y Jaume de Puntiró which produce the well-known wine of the region of Binissalem, much valued on the island as well as internationally.

It is all this and much more that makes the opportunity of enjoying a real-estate property in Santa Maria, whether a traditional style country house, an apartment or a modern chalet, not so much a material choice than a sentimental prospect.

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