Santa Ponsa – the site of your next property

You can find our exclusive Real Estate offers in and around Santa Ponsa here.


Like so many others, you’ve fallen in love with Mallorca and have chosen Santa Ponsa as the location of your new home. There’s an almost limitless choice of Real Estate here, from villas to ranch houses, all tailored to your personal taste. View the finest properties for yourself.


A stunning Villa in Santa Ponsa with a wonderful pool, protected from the direct sunlight and surrounded by palm trees

Dream villa in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca


From now on, think of Mallorca as your home. Purchase your property here and gradually settle in to your new lifestyle. You’ll still need to furnish your villa, buy a suitable set of curtains and perhaps get a lawnmower. Everyday banalities like these are an unfortunate part of every house purchase.


When you’re at the beach, you can look back at the various hotels and their facilities and reflect on how good you have it now that you have your own villa. There’s no need to worry about other guests or complain about vacation rental prices. If you’d like to redecorate or improve your villa, there’s no need to wait on the landlord’s consent.


You can spend your entire life here on Mallorca, enjoying the freedom to do as you please. In Santa Ponsa, the world is at your feet! You can plan each day to do exactly what you want. The laid back atmosphere on Mallorca gives you a new, relaxed outlook on life, leaving you in a permanently good mood.


In Santa Ponsa there’s almost always something going on, such as the Oktoberfest that takes place each October on a grand scale. The event is based on the world famous traditional festival that is held in Munich. You are no doubt familiar with the women with their plaited hair and dirndls and the men wearing traditional Bavarian hats and lederhosen – soon you’ll be meeting people from all over the world dressed in costume and holding a liter of beer in their hand.


The Oktoberfest is always well worth a visit. (It will probably be the only opportunity you’ll have all year to wear the Bavarian costume in public!) The sea is the ideal backdrop to make your experience perfect – in fact, it’s almost better than the original Munich Oktoberfest.


You can find our exclusive Real Estate offers in and around Santa Ponsa here.