Santa Ponsa and the villa of your dreams

You can find our great real estate portfolio in the area of Santa Ponsa on Mallorca here.


You’re making every family’s dream come true: Finally you’ve found the right property beneath the sun of Mallorca. The finca perfectly suits your attitude towards life: it’s modern, dynamic, and tastefully decorated. You wouldn’t have been able to get such a house in your home country.


Is there anything more beautiful than living right next to the ocean and beach? Every day, you and your family can go swimming or go for long walks on the beach – if you find the time. Because there’s always something to do. With your smartphone you’re available everyday around the clock, so as friendly as the Spanish sun may be, you still may find yourself in a lot of stress. But if that’s the case, it’s especially necessary to relax.


A conscious and aware way to use your device will help you optimize your time management and skilfully separate the important from the unimportant. Especially for your children, you should, as successful parents, be a role model and demonstrate certain values by living them.

View on the pool and the garden of a designer villa with an exterior staircase to the sun terrace in Santa Ponsa

Premium designer villa, Santa Ponsa, Mallorca

It’s true that you may be able to use little things like supervision to sharpen the sensibilities of your children, but it’s also true that you can’t look after them around the clock.  So it’s quite a lucky coincidence that you”re living in Santa Ponsa: Here you can prepare your children for the important things in life. The private school Baleares International College is very close to Santa Ponsa. This school is attended by many children, be they from Ireland, Russia, or Germany.


As long as your child has basic English skills, nothing stands in the way of sending him or her to this school.


Later on, your children will thank you for allowing them to attend this school. The most solid foundations for later success in life are still a good education and, of course, good connections. Here, your child will get to know very diverse nationalities and language communities and notice that a smile and sometimes just one word in a foreign language can be enough to make new friends. Lay the foundation for a safe and successful life and enrol your children in this school!


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