Real estate during the off-season

How to sell your house during the real estate off-seasonIt’s easy to make homes look enticing when the sun’s out and the garden’s in full bloom, which could be why summer is often considered the peak time to put your house up for sale. However, that doesn’t mean that the real estate world hibernates for the winter, so if you’re selling during the ‘off-season,’ just follow this helpful guide to using that timing as an advantage. 

Let it Snow

There’s nothing like a gentle coat of snow to give your garden a picture-perfect winter wonderland look, so don’t despair when the thermometer drops below freezing. The only crucial consideration is to ensure the safety of your viewers – make sure the entrance to your house is clear, including driveways, paths and pavements. If you won’t be home, consider hiring someone to do the job for you, since sliding on ice as you walk up to your potential new home is unlikely to create the best first impression. 

Mood Lighting

As the days get shorter, make sure your home looks bright and inviting for viewers. The main advantage of a dark night is that a warm, welcoming home looks even more attractive, so utilise a timer switch to ensure your house glows invitingly even when you’re not in. If you can, try to arrange viewings in the morning when natural light is at its best.  In the evenings, outdoor lights are also a good way to create the impression of a cheerful home, but don’t go overboard with the decorations, as some prospective customers will struggle to look past flashing neon signs. 

Winter Winners

If your home is on a main road that’s always kept clear or a bus route that’s rarely affected by snowfall, make sure you pass this information on. The fact that your property doesn’t get cut off as soon as bad weather sets in could be a crucial deciding point for busy families or professionals.

Deck the Halls

If your home is for sale at Christmas, make the most of it with tasteful decorations. A wreath on the front door adds classic elegance, while a Christmas tree in the window instantly conjures up images of a welcoming family home. Even if you’re selling after the celebrations themselves, subtle seasonal touches like dried foliage with berries, sprigs of holly, or twisted hazel twigs draped in lights will add a touch of rustic glamour to your property.

Warm Welcome

Heating is also an important consideration when viewers are likely to be coming in from the cold, so make sure they feel warm and cosy from the moment they step through the door. Prospective buyers won’t want to linger in a house that’s almost as chilly as it is outside, so either have the heating on a timer or be home yourself to control the temperature. If you have a real or gas fire make sure you show it off, as this will be a major attraction for anyone looking to move in winter. When it comes to scents, it may be a cliché but the gentle aromas of baked bread, mulled wine and cinnamon really do add to the ambience and are particularly perfect for the colder months.

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