Seller secrets for this spring

Seller secrets for this springSpring is in the air and a new season of buying and selling property is upon us. Every season in the real estate calendar is marked with its own challenges and rewards, and experienced sellers know exactly how to read the signs and work the market to get the best deals. If you’re preparing to sell a property in the next few months, these tips should help you to make the right moves.

It’s all in the timing

Summer is often referred to as ‘peak season’ for the real estate market, and although this can vary from region to region, it’s true that business does seem to pick up as the weather gets warmer. In America, a recent survey predicted that six out of ten residential property sales this year will take place between May and August. However, while this is a prime time to put your property on the market, it can also be an overwhelming time for the buyer, with so many homes vying for their attention. It’s therefore a good idea to move quickly and market your property at the start of the buying season, ideally in April or May. That way, you’ll catch the full attention of potential buyers before the market becomes saturated.

Don’t over (or under) estimate the value

Setting the price of your property can be a tricky business: Too high and you price out potential buyers, too low and people may suspect underlying issues. That’s why it’s important to start off by researching how much similar properties in your neighbourhood have sold for recently. Given how quickly the market moves, you shouldn’t look at any homes sold more than a few months ago, as this data may already be out of date. Then, ask a trusted and experienced real estate agent for their professional estimation of what your property is worth – and be prepared for them to factor in considerations that may not have occurred to you. Engel & Völkers has in-depth knowledge about the market. Please click on the following link to find out how E&V can help you sell your property the best way possible and estimate the ideal selling price:

Market to mobile users

The majority of people today have smartphones, and they’re not just using them to check their emails and update Facebook. Millions of potential buyers use their mobile phones to find what they’re looking for, making it entirely possible that their first impression of your property will be on a pocket-sized screen. There’s no substitute for hiring a professional photographer to take the shots of your home, as not only will they be able to find the best lighting and angles, but they should also be experienced in optimising images for different screen sizes.

Whether you’re planning on selling a property in preparation for a big move, or simply downsizing your portfolio, it’s always good to have an expert on hand to offer advice. Engel & Völkers have years of experience in selling high-end properties, and with our combination of international reach and local expertise, we’re ideally placed to help our clients wherever they are in the world. You want to find a simple way to increase the value of your home?

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