Selling a property in Ibiza with Engel & Völkers

Optimum Results

Evaluating and selling a property in Ibiza are important decisions, which should be put in the hands of a professional and competent partner. Engel & Völkers, as one of the global leaders in real estate brokerage has always aimed at achieving optimum results for its clients. Intensive knowledge of the local market allow Engel & Völkers consultants to decide on how to evaluate a property, how to best place and present it on the market and which sales strategy to apply in each individual case.

Engel & Völkers will guide you through all stages concerned with the sale of a property and will at the same time highlight every potential of an object in order to meet the needs of the individual client in the most advantageous manner. The real estate service provider Engel & Völkers is well-known throughout the local market and is highly recommended due to its strong market-presence and its maintenance of high business standards.


Why do I need a property agent?

To purchase or sell a property is not an everyday decision. The buyer of a property is looking for the quickest way to obtain an attractive offer, while the seller wishes to find a solvent client and the highest manageable price. They all have one thing in common: The desire to find the best service provider who will help them through the process of the transaction.

In the following we will list some criteria which will help you to reach the best result:

  • Compare the internet appearance of different property agents and the objects they offer. Do location and purchase price match with your desired object?
  • Evaluate the impressions that you acquire on site.  Did the ambiance appeal to you? Did you like the team of property agents? Was the manner of representation inviting?
  • Provide the property agent with all necessary documents concerning the object to ensure a professional evaluation regarding all possible potentials of the property.
  • Make sure you take sufficient time for the appointment!
  • Ask for the purchase price estimation to be presented to you in writing. Not the highest possible price should have an influence on your choice of property agent but rather the justification for the pricing with regard to market conditions as well as the possible target groups and the expected time until sale.
  • Make sure that a constant flow of information regarding the sales process is guaranteed. What are the latest developments, how are prospective clients being attended and contract negotiations conducted, which activities are planned?
  • Acquire an overview of the different services offered, starting with the forwarding of offers and the property viewings to the actual contract negotiations and the delivery of the properties.
  • Inquire about their advertising strategy. How is the object being promoted regionally and nationally? Is the advertising coincidental, or based upon an advertising strategy, which harmonizes with the individual customer’s needs and expectations?
  • Ensure that besides classical measures of sale (“for sale” signs, internet, public relations), nationwide and/or international co-operations and synergies are brought into the process. How large is the network that the property agents may access in line with marketing the object?
  • Decide to assign only one company with a temporary contract. Only an exclusively contracted property agent will be willing to invest a lot of time and money into marketing your property. Remember that contracting two or more property agents may have a negative effect on the properties uniqueness which could result in a loss of recoverability. Moreover, double insertions and multiple marketing may cause irritations among possible clients.

Consider the following: The manner, in which a property agent presents him- or herself, is directly connected to the fashion in which your property will be presented.

We wish you success with the choice of your property agent and would be happy to welcome you in one of our shops in Ibiza Town or Santa Eulalia.

Your Engel & Völkers Team Ibiza