Selling your property during the winter

Selling-in-Winter-300x200Winter is the most difficult time of year to sell your property. The dreary depressing cold takes its toll on the charisma of the property, however there is a great deal you could do to enhance the appeal of your home. The season makes staging your property even more important.

First and foremost remember to keep your driveway and garden clean of leaves and other debris that will litter the garden during the winter. Remember first impressions usually make or break a sale. If a potential seller has to fight their way through dead leaves and debris, they may lose interest in the property.

As winter brings a great deal of frost, especially in the Highveld regions, remember to clean the windows before a viewing. Frost creates a thin layer of dirt, which when it eventually evaporates, will make your home look dirty from the inside and out. Clear out the gutters of any dead leaves and twigs before a viewing. Warming up your property will definitely assist in a potential sale.

indexDuring winter buyers will observe as to how cosy and homely the property is. Prior to a buyer entering the home, switch on the heat so as to create a comfortable warm atmosphere. Do not overheat the rooms as this will then create the opposite effect. Remember the buyer will look at how comfortable the house is, creating a sauna environment might entice you, but not every potential buyer. The heat will also create a pleasant ambience to the rooms. If your house has a fireplace, don’t hesitate to light it, as this will create a relaxing atmosphere.

One aspect of winter that you can take advantage of is the abundance of natural sunlight. Schedule a viewing for the day time so that you can benefit from the sunlight. Ensure that all blinds and curtains are open so that as much sunlight as possible will fill the rooms, however ensure that all curtains are clean.Something else you might consider is light background music to create an atmosphere in the rooms.
Soft jazz, lounge music or classical music tends to create a more relaxing environment.

stock-footage-serving-tray-and-coffee-cupsBy applying all these tips when selling your property will surely have a great impact on the buyer and will ensure a better chance of a sale. So don’t let the winter months hinder the sale of your property but let it assist you in selling your home.