Smart ways to store wood outside

Smart ways to store wood outsideThe long, warm days of summer have passed: It’s time to bid farewell to afternoons spent soaking up the sun, and embrace cosy country afternoons curled up in front of a roaring fire. This is the opportune time to start stacking wood for the stove, but it’s worth remembering that large log piles don’t need to look unsightly and segregated. Here are some tips for creating an integrated, functional and contemporary wood store.

Building your own shed

There are some fantastic options for innovative and stylish wood stores, but a roof is always essential to prevent the logs becoming damp and unusable. For many, a traditional and sturdy wood shed is the answer. If you don’t want to go far to collect a stack, simply choose a design that can be attached to your home.

When it comes to implementing your design for a wood shed, find a space on the side of your property which won’t be as exposed to the prevailing weather. Ease of access is important: A wise idea is to install your wood shed inside (or near) your garage, as this makes it easy to reach in the depths of winter.

Choosing a standalone shed

Free standing sheds are another a popular choice that can add character to a large garden. If you want to keep your logs out of sight, sliding doors can conceal the stack. You can also choose to replicate the geometric design of your home in miniature to establish a harmony between the shed and your property. 

These sheds are a wise option if you don’t want to be restricted on how much wood you can stack. For example, if you’re looking to store a cord of wood or more – the average for a home using it as primary heat source – these sheds can be built to accommodate your specific requirements. 

Making use of porches and mudrooms

Porches make fantastic wood storage areas due to their convenient location just outside the house. They’re also perfect if you’re interested in a wood store for its aesthetic value, as they have an instant impact that evokes a traditional Alpine feel. Just ensure that you elevate the stack, otherwise you could risk damaging your porch and the logs not drying. 

If you’re planning on burning your own wood throughout the winter season, you can employ some innovative design features to make your life easier. A waist-height loading door that opens onto the porch can allow the logs to be passed inside to a mudroom and into a woodbin ready for the fire.


If you’ll be burning only a small amount of wood throughout the winter, or are just looking for a stylish outdoor feature, you should consider creating or making use of an alcove in an outside wall. Wood storing alcoves look particularly effective on porches; though if you do opt for this design, remember to line it with durable metal, concrete or stone to protect your walls.

Homes with real fireplaces make the ideal winter getaway. If you’re considering adding a winter home to your portfolio, whether it’s a sprawling ski chalet in the Alps or a cosy cottage in the Black Forest – we can help you out! 

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