Sóller – the perfect location for your villa

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You’ve always wanted to own a beautiful finca or a house on Mallorca? You’d like to live peacefully and still be able to do a lot? Then just look around in Soller! Here’s where you’ll definitely be able to find a Property!


View of a spacious townhouse in Sóller in Mallorcan style with terrace and pool in the twilight

Large town house in Mallorcan style, Sóller, Mallorca


Sóller is a peaceful town that you will not soon forget. This is where the unique culture of Spain meets the current zeitgeist: Whatever you’d like to do – from water sports to golf to nature walks and visits, anything is possible!


In Puerto de Sóller, you can take a trip in your boat on beautifully clear water and admire the surroundings of the Tramuntana mountains. You will notice: the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains reveals a new piece of beauty every day, so pay attention and enjoy nature totally carefree.


However, pursuing your hobbies or exploring the history of Sóller is not the only thing you’d like to do – you also want to enjoy your surroundings. With a property in Sóller, you’re absolutely in the right place. Your house is located near some orange trees, that you’ll be able to find almost everywhere here.


What’s more beautiful than being able to wake up in the house of your dreams every morning, opening the windows while still a bit sleepy, and to soak in the scent of fresh oranges every morning. This is how perfectly your days can start in your finca on Mallorca in Sóller!


Do not settle for fresh coffee scent when you can indulge in the luxury of vital orange trees. There is probably nothing better than knowing that you have made the right decision by purchasing of a house in Sóller.


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