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  1. Such is the beautifully cosmopolitan nature of the Nation’s capital, the difference between the boroughs of London is as varied as choosing between different cities in the rest of the country. Each has its own individual merits; a geographical personality built up over generation after generation leaving their mark. None more so than South Kensington, home to many of London’s richest cultural hotspots.
    Making The Most Of The Museum Quarter
      It can be easy to overlook the trio of world-renowned museums, even for long-term South Kensington residents. But the trilogy of The Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum and Science Museum, all located within close proximity of one another in the Royal Borough of Kensington, form the backbone of London’s rich cultural heritage. The opening hours ensure that Kensington residents won’t be swamped with tourists during peak times; such as Friday evenings at The Victoria and Albert Museum, where a late closing time of 9.30pm allows for visitors to enjoy a historic dining experience in their prestigious Café. Highlights at the Natural History Museum include one of the world’s few full-size blue whale models that famously floats above the main gallery.

    Choose From One Of Many Michelin-Starred Restaurants


    For the prestigious dining experience, Kensington has no equals in terms of both quality of food and variety of choice. As one of the area’s many Michelin-starred restaurants, Launceston Placehas consistently been voted amongst the most renowned places to eat in the country. Under the leadership of award-winning Head Chef Tim Allen, whose iconic Rhug Estate pulled Moroccan style lamb remains ever popular, Launceston Place is rightfully acknowledged as one of the best restaurants in South Kensington, an area distinguished by its culinary prowess.


    The Jewel In London’s Crown

    For such a central area, Kensington barely registers on the crime statistic charts. In terms of medical care, it is consistently ranked second to none in the country. As far as choosing an area to live in London, South Kensington is without equal. By leading the way in living conditions, locations, Michelin-starred restaurants and cultural hotspots, it’s little wonder that South Kensington remains the most prestigious and sought after locations in the world.

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