The Southwest of Mallorca and its hidden secrets

 Puerto Portals: Als schmaler Streifen

Costa d’en Blanes and Puerto Portals is nowadays associated with amazing villas and luxury yachts. During the summer months famous celebrities and politicians as well as the Spanish Royal Family like to spend their vacations here. Overall this coastline of Mallorca is related to luxury and “savoir vivre”. However, it was not always like that. Some years ago we had the opportunity to interview Mr. Eduardo Blanes, a gentleman who was, at that time, eighty-two years old and a living legend in the area.

Originally, his grandfather’s uncle bought the country estate S’Hostalet from the “Marquis de la Romana” in 1890. He was a nobleman owning a huge area of land from Son Armadans all the way to Paguera. S’Hostalet, as the finca is known nowadays, covered the area from Bendinat, through Royal Golf de Bendinat, Son Caliu and ended up near the area of Palmanova. The total size was about eight million square meters with five kilometres of coastline.


This large country estate maintained its land, thanks to Mr. Blanes and his instinct to preserve the environment. In 1931 land, which is now known as Portals Nous, was sold to two gentlemen called Flaquer and Caldentey. They in turn divided the land into smaller plots and resold them to local people from Palma to build their own summer homes. Up until then the area was virgin woodland.

The name Portals Nous has a religious background. In Portals Vells at the time of the “Marquis de la Romana” there was a statue of the Virgen that protected the local sailors. The statue was brought to the area by an Italian captain who, when his ship ran into difficulties, promised that if he could save his crew he would erect the statue of the Madonna where they landed and this was Portals Vells. Local fishermen placed an oil lamp in front of the statue and kept it lit. As Portals Vells was quite a distance from Palma and Calvia the fisherman asked the “Marquis de la Romana”, if they could move the Madonna of Portals Vells onto his land. The Marquis agreed and the local church donated some land and the Madonna was brought there. Hence the area was known as Portals Nous (“Nous” means “New” in contrast to “Vell” which means “Old”).

 Puerto Portals:

… And Puerto Portals? Well this really doesn’t have a history as such. What is known today as the port was previously only an area of cliffs and coastline that underwent an extraordinary metamorphosis from a fishing village to a jet-set port over 25 years ago. Portals Nous was designed on the drawing board by architects, who had already recognized the great potential of this area and its beauty.

Even as a young man Mr. Blanes was aware of its potential. On a trip from Italy to Spain he visited Monaco. Mr. Blanes, who was sitting on a train at the time, asked a female passenger if they were passing Monaco. She replied “yes” and pointed out that Monaco only consists of three kilometers of coastline. It was a “eureka” moment for Mr. Blanes who then realised the great potential his five kilometres of land could have. He decided to return to Mallorca and began his life’s project to develop his land. He built the Punta Negra Hotel, the Sporting Tennis Centre at Portals and started the residential development of Costa de’n Blanes, which bears his name. Today, if you walk along the coastline pertaining to Finca S’Hostalet, you can see the rapid development, which has become a privileged place for those who are lucky enough to be able to live in this area.


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