A very special property in Brussels in Belgium

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Starting today, you’ll be living in Brussels! You’re really looking forward to this city full of unique houses, villas and properties. Your real estate agent gave you excellent advice – without him it’s possible you would never have gotten the idea to look at flats and real estate in Brussels.

Frontal view of an impressive villa in Brussels with an additional wing for the staff.

Impressive villa, Brussels, Belgium

But before you leave your property to embark on a little tour of the city and find the most comfortable café or the restaurant with the most delicious dessert, you simply have to visit the museum “Musée des Instruements de Musique” (MIM).


It’s easy to find in the Rue de Montaigne de la Cour. Be it by car or by bus, many roads lead here. One argument for the bus is that you can already get a first, modest overview of Brussels. And on top, you’re consciously choosing the more environmentally friendly travel option. On the other hand, a car really saves time so that you’ll be able to fit more activities into a day.


But no matter, which option you choose, it’s really crucial that you visit this museum. The diversity of all the different instruments will surprise you. You’ll gain many new insights into the world of music.


If you have questions concerning the individual musical instruments or want to know more about how they came to be, you can make use of the audio guides which can take you on a comprehensive tour through the many different departments. Of course you’ll also get to hear examples of the instruments on display through the audio guide. This way, a visit to the museum can become an accessible and concrete event.


Maybe the visit will even encourage you to learn to play an instrument yourself. That would be quite a perfect beginning for you here: You’ve no only bought a beautiful villa and property, but you’ve also rediscovered your love of music. One final piece of advice: Museums in Belgium are closed on Mondays.


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