In the spotlight: After-sales marketing

In the spotlight: After-sales marketingAfter-sales marketing ranks first and foremost not only in the real estate industry, when it comes to customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Many service industries strive to provide professional customer care with the aim of continuing to satisfy the customer even after the completion of the current business deal. We will explain in our E&V Guide what is important in providing a successful after-sales service.

In particular, the brokerage of real estate is dependent, to a large extent, on recommendations. Trust is needed in order to place your own home in someone else’s hands. Whoever has successfully sold a property with the help of a professional estate agent will, in all probability, also recommend this service provider to his/her family or circle of friends. So customers today expect not only to be looked after during the sales process by their real estate adviser, but also well beyond. Finally, it is important that the experienced support does not end up in legal action with recourse to a notary.

After the purchase is before the purchase

Also after successfully signing the purchase agreement, many questions lie ahead for new property owners. Relocation and everything associated with it may present major challenges to buyers. Above all, if you are not experts in knowing what to do in the whole process. Where do I find renowned architects, who are able to advise me on my conversion? Are there proven craft enterprises or businesses in the new neighbourhood? What schools are there in the neighbourhood? Should I be aware of anything in particular when moving house? Here it helps to provide property buyers with a list of recommendations from your trusted network. This helps to ensure your customers a smooth sequence of events for a relaxed and worry-free start to a new stage of their lives. At Engel & Völkers, formal matters such as applications for telephone, post or the local residents’ registration office are also part of the after-sales service as are prefabricated letters for public utilities or even the electricity company. Therefore, we make sure that nothing is forgotten in the process of moving house. Then our after-sales service gives you time for the important things in life.

Long-standing contact

Many customers wish to be offered support over many years. Moreover, after searching for a rented apartment, there is then a strong desire to purchase a property for sale. Or the grandparents wish to acquire a holiday property. The realisation that customer care does not end with the purchase is therefore a big win-win situation for both parties. Invitations to functions or events are always a good opportunity to continue to stay in contact with existing customers and to also maintain a friendly relationship in terms of business relations, dealings and connections.

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