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Content is king! Quality content is relevant not only for search engines, but also for long-term customer loyalty. Winning over customers with good content and thus bind them to a brand or a company is what content marketing is all about. It strengthens customers’ attention and confidence in a brand. Another goal is to achieve better positions in search engine rankings through good copy, the right keywords and corresponding links.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing uses informative and current content to address a target group that has been defined by the company as a customer group. The focus is on information, while the brand takes a back seat. Unlike advertising techniques such as advertisements, banners or commercials, content marketing is not centred around presenting the company itself and its products in a favourable light, but instead focuses on offering useful information, extra knowledge or entertainment.

Examples of content marketing

A company engages in content marketing if it offers its customers editorial content in the form of copy, videos, audio or images, ideally without using any kind of advertising and marketing language. This editorial content may comprise blog posts, videos or information on a website.

Reasons for content marketing

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO): High-quality copy ensures that the company website is found even more easily by Google. Furthermore, content marketing receives on average three times more attention from customers than a paid online ad.
  • Cost savings: Most content can be used repeatedly with little effort: for websites, blogs or newsletters, as a journal article or in press releases. This lowers costs and reduces the effort required.
  • Lead generation: High-quality content directly benefits sales by generating leads through contact details.
  • Customer loyalty: High-quality content encourages the readers to remain loyal to the company and its online profiles and website. Useful guides, (insider) tips and important information are particularly popular among readers. This usually boosts lead generation. When content marketing is done properly, it will also boost your brand’s positive image.
  • Measurability: Keep track of how many times a video has been watched or a blog post read, and find out how many people visited your website or clicked on a certain link – everything is measurable!



  • A content strategy and (editorial) formats
  • A focused and long-term social media strategy
  • Consistent social media marketing and building up of a following
  • Maintaining close relations with opinion-leaders and disseminators (community management)
  • The active dissemination of content (seeding)
  • Clean and meaningful metadata
  • The option for the user to share content easily
  • An easy-to-use, customisable and updatable content management system
  • Monitoring, engagement and optimisation


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