Success Story: Commercial Agent of the Week

Untitled-51Viktoriya Kyurcheva features in this week’s Commercial agent award section. Her brilliant work ethic and determination to succeed has seen her become one of the best Commercial agents in the company. Since joining the E&V SG family back in March as a rental agent, Viktoriya decided that Commercial real estate suited more her personally and style of conducting business. She described Commercial brokerage as ‘less dynamic and demanding than residential rentals’. She said that ‘the Rental market is very fast and you need to have this mind set to cope with the high volume of clients and the available properties on the market. In the Commercial business, one has the luxury of time to evaluate and inspect properties in order to have a wider choice for any discerning clientele. I believe that everyone has to focus on their strengths and I chose the Commercial department, because there is a lot of space for growth, it is professional and stimulating.’

Back from brokering a fantastic Commercial deal, we asked Viktoriya how she keeps a constant level of motivation to be successful in her job. She gladly answered, ‘Commercial leasing is not a challenge as we try first and foremost to understand the needs of the client. Another tool that helps us keep motivated is the fact that we make friendships on the way, both with our clientele and the property owners. This is what makes our job different from others as no day is the same. Reaching my personal goals also helps me inspire myself to give every single day a 110%.’

Keep yourself posted as your commercial property could be the next sold or leased by Viktoriya. For more information on how you could sell/lease your commercial premises with us, click here.

To get in contact with Viktoriya call: +356 79759035