Success Story: Rental Agent of the Week!

VictorOur next success story features Victor Skalin, from Sweden. He is 28 years old and is from Taby, just north of Stockholm. He moved to Malta back in 2008 and was always a sales orientated person. He felt that he needed a change of career, especially from the routine 9 to 5 desk job, and in May 2014 he decided to work in Real Estate, better yet E&V Sara Grech.

When asked as to why he chose E&V Sara Grech over other Real Estate Companies, he told us this, ‘I was really attracted to the real estate business, and after doing some research on other real estate companies in Malta I choose E&V Sara Grech, since I felt that this company offered the best package to start off my own business! I knew another colleague called Mark Molnar before I started working here and after seeing the success the E&V Sara Grech brought, I was convinced it was the right real estate company for me to choose on this island.’

When asked as to how Victor close this lucrative rental deal, this is what he had to say, ‘I think the most important area of sales or even rentals is to understand what the client is looking for from his or her clients’ perspective. Besides that it is also important to earn your clients trust as well. It can be said that trust is not earned only before and during the deal is closed but after is also just as important. No matter if it is a sales or rentals client, the most important act is to make your clients trust you. In that way your clients would then recommend you to their friends & family.’

Your property could be the next to be rented with us. Keep posted for our next edition of our success stories. 

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You can contact Victor on: +35679759056