Success Story: Rental Agent of the Week

Untitled-22After only a week working within the Rental Department of E&V Sara Grech, Balazs Galisz brokered his first rental deal with his client proving that our in-house training can give inexperienced agents a solid foundation to close deals! It also proves that with the use of our E&V structure and experience, instant results are highly likely for our newcomers.

When asked about his reaction when closing his first deal after just a few days, he said: ‘I was really glad that I managed to close my first deal. I never worked in the real estate sector and it is a brand new field, with a whole number of new challenges for me. It may not be easy as it seems but without a great team backing me I would not have closed my deal in the first place!’ We also asked Balazs how he handled his first client. He explained that due to the team work in the rental department, he heard of a good flat in Gzira. As soon as he showed it to his clients, they wanted it as their new home. He concludes by saying, ‘at the end of the day everyone was satisfied with the arrangements and the deal proceeded in a calm manner.’

When asked why he chose to become a real estate agent, he replied, ‘I arrived to live in Malta at the beginning of this year. I needed a new challenge and basing my sales skills that were developed in the Hotel industry I wanted to give real estate a try. The idea of flexible hours is also a plus. Every day is a new challenge in itself and I do enjoy these challenges as they push me every time to better myself!

Your property could be the next to be rented with us. Keep posted for our next edition of our success stories. 

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