Success Story: Sales Agent of the Week!

Untitled-1Edward Gatt is one of our seasoned Real Estate Agents and has recently brokered a sales deal with one of his clients. The initial contact from the buyers was over two months ago where he showed the clients several different properties that are on our exclusive system! Although all the properties met the clients’ requests, Edward couldn’t find them something special at first. A couple of weeks later one of Edward’s colleagues listed a nice home which Edward thought it would be perfect for his clients. He wasted no time to show them this property which instantly caught their attention, and which they eventually ended up buying.

At E&V Sara Grech we guarantee the best properties for the best possible value to make a good transition from owner to client! In this case, although the deal was closed in a rather short period of time, there were particular circumstances where Edward had to deal with both the buyers and sellers with tact and professionalism. With all his experience and knowledge of the market he commented that it wasn’t an easy deal to close.

Edward started working in real estate with Sara Grech Real Estate back in 2001. He explains how the market has changed, especially since the property crisis hit Europe in 2008. He also says that there has been a shift in the local market with buyers’ gaining more purchasing power, which means that they have a wider choice of properties available and so they tend to see more properties to find the right one. This makes it more important for the agent to understand what the clients’ needs are and focus on those properties which meet these needs.

Keep yourself posted as your property could be the next one sold. For more information on how you could sell your house with us, click here.

To get in contact with Edward Gatt please call: +356 7975 9010