Success Story: Sales Agent of the Week

AlexsisWe congratulate Alexis Cachia again for being listed as sales agent of the week. This time he managed to make a hat-trick of sales. Although he is one of our most seasoned agents we still congratulate him for this impressive achievement. He is a true inspiration to both new agents and experienced agents alike.

As we all know time management is crucial in sales and this week Alexis managed to demonstrate this by making full use of his capability and experience to fulfil the requirements of 3 clients. Commenting on the importance of time management he said, ‘Time management is paramount. Our policies stipulate to respond to each client’s request with immediate action. That is part of being in a team of market leaders in this industry.’

At E&V Sara Grech we have clearly defined our set of values and we encourage all our teams to have a strong sense of purpose, a high level of self-esteem and the capacity to think clearly and logically. We believe that our competitive advantage is our systematic approach and in the minds of our teams.

The real estate business can sometimes be taxing. We asked Alexis how he keep invigorated and ready to always push forward to help find what the client needs, he answered, ‘What inspires me is knowing that I can always show the best properties on the market at the best prices without putting pressure on the clients. It is of utmost importance to listen to the clients request and deliver in a short time. After a property is chosen, the satisfaction is immense for me to see the clients happy with their choice.’

Keep yourself posted as your property could be the next one sold. For more information on how you could sell your house with us, click here.

To get in contact with Alexis call: +356 79759002