Success Story: Sales Agent of the Week

Untitled-3We are pleased to present our new agent Oleksander Slutskyi, who just brokered his first sale in the property industry. Only after 3 weeks, Oleksander closed a sale deal with his client after showing her five properties. This shows that our in-house training and with the help and co-operation of the E&V Sara Grech Team anything is possible. 

Oleksander was born in Ukraine in the city of Lutsk, which is located in the region of Volyn. After finishing off his secondary studies he was chosen to attend the Volyn Institute of Economy and Management. After 4 years he graduated to be an interpreter in five essential yet different languages. These include English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and German. After finishing his studies, yet again Oleksander was chosen to go to the United States, where he practiced his lingual skills and also helped around in a construction business. He told us that in 2005 he chose to come to Malta to start a new beginning. 

When asked as to why he wanted to start working with E&V Sara Grech he said, ”Apart from the sense of community and co-operation that there is in the company, I had previously worked in another real estate company and I loved the idea of working in my own time. Of course time management is an essential part of this business but once you get used to the lifestyle this beautiful job brings, I believe no one would want to turn back to their old jobs.”

When asked about how he closed his first deal after 3 weeks working with E&V Sara Grech he told us, ”At first I wasn’t sure what to say to the client, but then thanks to the in-house training provided by the team and also a big thank you to Pierre our Sales Director, I managed to show 5 properties that are in our system and that very same day I took out my client, she wanted to sign the promise of sale. I believe that this result shows how well prepared the in-house training made me! I urge anyone to see how Passion, Competence and Exclusivity play a big role in this company!”

Keep yourself posted as your property could be the next one sold. For more information on how you could sell your house with us, click here.