How to be successful in your new job

How to be successful in your new jobTaking on a role with a new organisation or company can be stressful, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself. These ten steps to success will help you to make a great impression during your first three months:

Understand your targets
Meet with your manager in order to gain an appreciation of exactly what the company expects from you. This way, you will know precisely what you are working towards and should be able to focus your efforts more efficiently.

Show initiative
Don’t wait for an invitation to start a project. If there’s something you think would be valuable, suggest it to your manager. This shows that you’re a proactive person who is not afraid to take risks for the organisation.

Treat every day like another interview
You presented your best self during the interview process, and that’s the person they hired to do the job. Don’t relax as soon as you’ve signed the contract; every day is a new opportunity to impress your colleagues.

Find a role model
The best way to improve is to find an example of success and follow it, so study how your most impressive colleagues conduct themselves. Invite them to lunch and get to know them – they may be happy to share some advice.

See your manager as a team member
Your manager has targets to reach and it’s your job to offer as much assistance as you can. Consequently, it’s in their interest to ensure you reach your full potential. By working together, you can both achieve your goals.

Carve out a niche
In the first few weeks, you should aim to make your own skill set apparent. At Engel & Völkers, all of our employees have unique talents that they are known and valued for; make the most of yours and you will be similarly recognised and appreciated.

Treat it as a new chapter
This is the ideal time to break any unhelpful habits you had at your previous job. To your new colleagues you are an unknown entity, so you can use this as an opportunity to reinvent yourself as the employee you want to be.

Listen more than you talk
Although it’s important to contribute ideas and involve yourself in the company culture, you should also remember that you still have plenty to learn. Be willing to take on constructive criticism and never take things personally.

Be pragmatic
Socialising is an important aspect of any workplace, but it’s important to consider who you are mingling with. Try to build relationships with people who will be helpful to you as you progress in the company, remembering that the best corporate relationships are based on a foundation of mutual respect.

Do not hide your talents
It’s common to feel a bit overwhelmed when you start a new job, but don’t be afraid to speak up if your colleagues need help and you know the answer. Whether it’s offering a simple IT solution or clearing up some jargon, show them that you are an all-around asset who’ll pitch in wherever they’re needed.

If you’re looking for an exciting new job in the world of real estate, visit the E&V careers website. We have opportunities for everyone from graduates to experienced agents, so there’s certain to be somewhere you can shine.