The charm of the Liberty style of Palermo

To visit the salons in Art Nouveau style of the castle Utveggio in Palermo, is planned an appointment for the 30th March. The visit to the most beautiful places in the Sicilian capital organized by SicilyRun, includes a tour of the interiors of the castle Utveggio, which offers breathtaking views. The President of the Tourism Association SicilyRun, Maurizio Vinciguerra, said: “The touristic and cultural excursion begins with the transfer to the castle Utveggio with a shuttle bus from Amat, which starts from a known base for exploring to that location l’acchianata to Santuzza. A tour through the salons in the Art Nouveau style of the castle, which takes about 50 minutes, will be guided by the CERISDI staff and includes a visit to the great salons, halls and gardens with a break of about 15 minutes at the beautiful terraces of the castle with telescopic tubes to admire the Gulf of Palermo and the most important sights such as the Cathedral, the Teatro Massimo, Politeama and the Park Favorita.”


Castello Utveggio


The tour also includes a visit to a special area of the castle: “The tour to the castle Utveggio also includes a visit of the room on the third floor, where on 23 November 1995 Pope John Paul II has been.” – said Vinciguerra – “An area where time stands still. In fact, the room is exactly remained as at the last visit of the Pope. An unique and exciting experience that one should absolutely enjoy.” For those who want to participate in this tour, which will take place in the halls of the castle Utveggio, can register by calling the following number +393476900490 or by visiting this website “The aim of this event is that the city of Palermo begins to enjoy the visit to the castle Utveggio,” – means Vinciguerra – “which is located on Monte Pellegrino, one of the most beautiful rock ledges of the world. Since the the end of 2013, the Castle has opened its doors to the public again, thanks CERISDI, whose employees organize the visit of the salons and the gardens along with narrative of its history. Apart from this particular event it is possible to the public to visit the castle Utveggio every weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, from 9 to 18 clock.”

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