The perfect house in Waterloo: reflection of success

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You’ve met the real estate agent who’s perfect for you! The property of your new house in Waterloo fits your tastes amazingly well. Your children are happy, too, both with your choice of this place in Belgium and with their own veritable flat within the house. Your villa is in a neighbourhood with numerous other properties and magnificent houses,


and your children are already developing a feeling for what’s important in life. First and foremost, amassing basic knowledge is a big part of that.

They’ve learned that education is not just about gaining knowledge by reading books, but that insights are gained in communicative, open cooperation within society.

View on an impressive villa in Waterloo with a winter garden and well-kept gardens

Impressive villa, Waterloo, Belgium

The surroundings of your new house in Waterloo are play a decisive role for the future success of your children. This is where culture plays a central role. The earlier your charges get to know other ways of life and internalize that every human being has a cultural history worth protecting, the easier they’ll have it later in life.


In Belgium, you’ll find the perfect type of school for your child: the St. John’s International School. Take a day off and make a little trip through the schools one at a time, together with your children! On site, you can decide together with your child which school advances to the next round. A first chat with a few teachers will give you a good idea of the school, and you’ll see first-hand how the teachers interact with your child.


The advantage of an international school is that culture becomes more than just a chapter in a text book – your child will learn by personal experience how it feels to exchange words and ideas with people from other countries and become truly international by learning different languages.


Here your child will meet many children from other nations, all speaking the same language and complementing each other with their differences. Enrich your children’s lives with an interesting exchange! It doesn’t always have to be private tutoring or summer schools in another country to further their education – international perspectives for your children start right now, in this moment.


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