Three sought-after design trends for homebuyers

Three sought-after design trends for homebuyers_blogUpdating a property in line with contemporary design trends is not just about stylish living: it can also have a considerable influence on desirability for buyers. The most intelligent design concepts can enhance our way of life, bring us closer together, and even – according to some sources – make us healthier. It’s no wonder, then, that many buyers place quality, up-to-date design near the top of their ‘wishlist’ when looking at properties. In the summer months – known as ‘home buying season’ – this is particularly important for a competitive sale. Below are three notable design trends for the selling season to help you secure a higher price for your property.

Green living
As public awareness of environmental issues grows, so does the demand for greener, more energy-efficient homes. For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and energy expenses, the best place to start is with renovations in their own properties. However, it’s not just larger features such as cavity wall insulation and double or triple glazing that are important: smaller mod-cons that simply make it easier to be ‘green’ are also popular. Contactless, motion-sensor faucets are a prominent development, alongside water-saving toilets and dishwashers and energy-efficient light fixtures with adjustable settings.

Open plan spaces
Open plan living is an example of revolutionary design and has undoubtedly made our homes more sociable places. Knocking down the divides between the kitchen, dining room and lounge has meant that entertaining guests has become a pleasurable exercise in multi-tasking, as hosts juggle conversation with canapés. In this attractive Mallorca property, frosted glass sliding doors separate the kitchen from the dining area, yet when pushed to one side, the rooms transform into one fully open space. What’s more, with the home office area nestled on the property’s mezzanine floor, those working from home can enjoy a degree of privacy, but without feeling isolated.

In this historic Munich property, an open corridor leads to a stylish kitchen and dining area, where families can gather for breakfast in the morning. A spacious, open feel is maintained throughout the property with a fresh palette, sun-drenched French windows and large rooms with lofty ceilings.

Neutral tones
Complementing the environmental consciousness of the most desirable modern properties, interiors in a subtle, earthy palette are a sought-after feature. In urban properties, neutral shades and wooden décor can soften the modernist aesthetic, whilst rural properties can pay homage to their surroundings by using local materials and fresh colour schemes. Sandy and cream tones with exposed wood furnishings are a key design trait of this stunning villa in Italy, which truly celebrates its exclusive lakeside setting. Crisp white walls complement pale wood flooring and stone-coloured soft furnishings, whilst vibrant red throw pillows provide a welcome touch of brightness.

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