Tips for advancing your career

Tips_For_Advancing_Your_CareerBeing offered your dream job shouldn’t be a happy ending; it should mark the beginning of a lifelong journey. A fulfilling career is often essential to personal happiness, but many people can struggle to work their way up after starting in an entry level position. If you’re hoping to advance your career, these tips might just provide you with the first steps on that road to success.

Improve your networking skills

Successful salespeople all have one thing in common: They’re great networkers. Take every opportunity you can to improve your networking skills, whether that’s accompanying your boss to client meetings and events or joining hobby groups in your free time. Don’t neglect your own colleagues, either: Peer reviews can sometimes be used as a deciding factor when it comes to promotions. Being able to strike up a conversation with anyone at any time is a key skill in any field, and having an established circle of contacts will make you a desirable employee for any company.

Take care of ‘brand you’

It’s important to always present your best side whenever you’re in a professional environment, whether you’re in the office or at after-work drinks. Arrive at work looking your best, avoiding late nights during the week. Live by the adage ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’, and try to be the person in the office who finds the positive in everything. Proving that you’re a person who can be trusted never to be late, complain, or make snide remarks will only ever work in your favour. Take the same approach to social media, ensuring that any public accounts reflect your professional rather than personal interests.

Invest in your future

This means more than just long hours in the office, encompassing everything from external courses in languages or computer technology to reading up on your chosen field. If there’s a qualification or skill that would help you to move up in your company, find a way to take it, keeping your long-term goals at the forefront of your mind. Even talents that may seem unrelated to your career can be beneficial, as the more well-rounded a person you are, the more interesting things you’ll have to talk about when networking. Shared hobbies and common interests can help you to win business and impress your superiors, so don’t neglect your other passions.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get

If you want to go far in any career you need to be assertive, and that’s especially true in sales. Patiently waiting for a promotion is unlikely to get you noticed, even if you’re consistently turning in excellent figures. Schedule a meeting with your manager, tell them your career goals for the next year, and ask what you need to do to achieve them within the company. Take their advice on board, but if your goals aren’t achievable at your current organisation it might be time to consider looking for a more senior position elsewhere.

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