A traditional American family celebration: We are celebrating Thanksgiving today!

A traditional American family celebration: We are celebrating Thanksgiving today!  Today in the US, families are celebrating Thanksgiving, a traditional harvest thanksgiving celebration. Although this is mainly a North American tradition, this national holiday is mainly about giving thanks for food, health and blessings.

Cooking amidst loved ones

A traditional thanksgiving meal includes a stuffed turkey with numerous side dishes such as sweet potatoes, apple or pumpkin cake and various vegetables such as courgettes, sweetcorn or peas. Whether you serve a festive roast or other menu, put the focus on the family for all your preparations. Get your children or friends to join you as kitchen assistants or offer help if your better half usually does most of the cooking. Cooking together is fun and makes for a great atmosphere.

Time for giving thanks

In daily life, we often forget to give thanks, which is why today offers time to be conscious of the things you are particular thankful for in the past year. Your family? Your friends? A new house? Success at work? Don’t keep these thoughts to yourself, share your feelings with your fellow humans and celebrate the bond between you.   

Stay calm

It is easy to lose your head when there is a lot going on at home. Say goodbye to absolute perfectionism in your preparations – after all, it is about eating together, laughing and having time for one another. No one in your family will be judging you or your cooking skills, instead, they will thank you for making such a big effort.

At last: games night

As soon as people start feeling sleepy after the meal, it is the best time to bring out the good old games collection. It doesn’t matter whether you choose board games, charades or twister – a little bit of healthy competition will make for an entertaining evening. 

A joy that’s shared is a joy made double

Back in the day, Albert Schweitzer was aware that “Joy is the only thing that multiplies when shared“. This Thanksgiving, help someone who is going through hard times. Offer to help in a homeless shelter or soup kitchen, or make a meal for the needy using the remains of your thanksgiving roast. Being aware of your own blessings is only one aspect of Thanksgiving – another is not to look away from others who are suffering.  

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