Travel Tuesday: Rhodes

Travel_Tuesday_RhodesThe island of Rhodes is one of the most charming in the Aegean Sea, with a history that can be traced back to Ancient Greek mythology. Having weathered the storm of the Greek recession, properties here are again becoming favoured investments for foreign buyers. The relatively restricted supply of luxury homes caused by the natural limitations of building on an island only serves to increase their value. Local Engel & Völkers licence partner Georg Petras believes that this upwards trend is set to continue, so we’ve put together a list of ten exceptional attractions that add to Rhodes’ eternal appeal.

Valley of Butterflies
Throughout August exotic petaloudes flutter through this leafy valley, adorning the oriental sweetgum trees and dancing above the small, twisting waterways. It’s the ideal place for a family walk, counting the butterflies you spot along the way.

Seven Springs
This is a verdant oasis of pine trees where peacocks roam freely, their piercing calls mixing with the sound of trickling water. Walk through a 610-foot long underground tunnel to reach the central lake that’s created by the seven springs.

The Hydrobiological Station
A cross between an aquarium and a research centre, the Hydrobiological Station serves to study, protect and promote the sealife of Rhodes. The aquarium is filled with unique wildlife, including the endangered Gizani fish, which can only be found in the Island’s waters.

Modern Greek Art Museum
Rhodes is rich in ancient history, but don’t forget to take in its modern culture, too. This museum has an impressive collection of paintings, engravings and sculptures by iconic Greek artists of the 20th century.

Lindos Acropolis
The ancient citadel rises high above modern Lindos and has been occupied by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, and the Knights of St. John, making it a fascinating study for historians and archaeologists alike.

The town of Ialyssos dates back to 3000BC, and relics of its distant past are discernable even today. Don’t miss the Doric-columned Fountain House and the Italian ‘Road to Golgotha’ monument, with its Catholic shrines depicting the Passion.

Hipparchos Observatory
This modern observatory combines educational exhibits on astronomy with enchanting evenings of stargazing once the sun goes down. The on-site Astronomy Café is the ideal place for a peaceful drink away from the crowded beaches.

Rhodes Old Town
The oldest inhabited mediaeval town in Europe, Rhodes is a labyrinth of winding streets dotted with ancient temples and bougainvillea-laced buildings. If you get lost, just ask a passer-by for ‘Mandraki’, the harbour, to find your way back to the centre.

The Palace of the Grand Master Knights
As magnificent as its name, the palace’s Gothic architecture dominates the skyline of Rhodes City. Visitors can climb its imperious towers, explore the underground storerooms and wander along the mosaic corridors inside.

Roloi Clock Tower
Dating back to 7th century, this fully functioning clock tower is in the oldest part of Rhodes and provides panoramic views across the city. Take your ticket to the nearby bar to exchange it for a free drink – a reward for climbing all the way to the top.

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