Treasure hunting in the 21st century in Mallorca


Geocaching – never heard about it before? No problem, after this article you will know the score and probably be fully inspired.

Geocaching ist the perfect hobby for everyone who loves Mallorcas nature and likes outdoor activities. Equipped with a GPS-receiver or the equivalent app the so called “caches” are traced. Furthermore sturdy shoes, a pen and a torch light are permanent companions of a geocacher because some “caches” may be hidden in a rough terrain like caves, rock spur or even in a tree.

There are “caches” for newcomers which can be found easily by just finding co-ordinates which are provided in the internet and everybody who needs a bigger challenge has to develop the co-ordinates by solving riddles or math problems. When the right spot is reached, usually a small box or a “PETling” (a 10 – 15 cm small plastic tube) has to be spotted, which always contains a logbook. Everyone who found this “cache” registers oneself in this logbook and can afterwards publish this find in the internet. The own profile shows how many “caches” oneself or ones friends have found. After a “cache” is found the treasure hunt must not be over yet, many “caches” are related to others or building routs. These “multicaches” or “offsetcaches” are perfect for everybody who loves autumn walks with family, who thinks “normal” hiking through the Tramuntana mountains is too boring or who wants to get to know Mallorca from another side. This hobby can also be practiced with dogs, bicycles or on horseback; even when it’s dark special “night caches” can be weaved into a night walk or an event.

Everyone who finds a “cache” can of course hide one, too; this is best done near to the place of residence or at a place which is often visited, because the condition and position of the “cache” has to be checked at times. When the logbook is full, it has to be replaced by a new one and if the box is damaged it has to be substituted. All these “maintenances” have to be notified to the internet community so every geocacher knows about new “caches”.

Who wants to go on such a modern treasure hunt now gets here a first impression of Mallorcas hidden “caches”. Just zoom to the favored area and choose a “cache”!

At the official homepage are detailed instructions with videos, worth knowing information, many hints and clues as well as informative links to the topic of geocaching.

…so? Becoming curious now? When will you start your first geocaching tour on Mallorca with your dearest?

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